Brillo Defined By Doing

Celebrate the fanatics behind Brillo

The Ask

Revitalizing the brand of an everyday product.

Since the early 1900s, Brillo has became one of the top recognizable brands in the US for its steel wool products. However, even though Brillo is still a trusted name, it is losing top of mind recognition with the consumer. We were tasked with revitalizing the brand in a creative way.

The Opportunity

Brillo is not just for pots & pans anymore. It’s for the passionates, the hardcores, those who get their hands dirty.

The industries wielding Brillo as a tool are virtually endless; these roles need to be tapped into to establish Brillo as the ultimate tool for hardcore jobs and versatility. Competitively, the giant of 3M singularly represents the everyday cleaner, but Brillo users aren’t novices – they’re passionate about what they do.

The Solution

By redefining Brillo’s brand equity and target, we want it to refocus its core function as a flexible tool.

Our Target

Our Missions

Spread knowledge of its uses

Brillo needs to educate consumers on the variety of uses it provides and show how it’s a tool, not just a cleaning product.

Facelift Brillo’s brand and voice

Differentiate Brillo from the cleaning product category and give it meaning that’s relevant to the hardcore audience.

Find new ways to the customer

Shelf space is decreasing and users are shopping in different ways – Brillo needs to find a new avenue to the consumer.

Product Innovation

Create new tools that cater to the cleaning fanatics behind Brillo. Help them accomplish their passions in even more ways.

Digital Experience

We’ve created a new Brillo site which helps the brand convey it’s voice. Meanwhile, it’s a great tool for the customer to choose and customize their Brillo tools.

Website Redesign


Subscription Page

User Dashboard


The following walk-through video illustrates the interactions and the navigation. This prototype is built with HTML, CSS and JS.


White boarding, wireframing, prototyping…

In-Store Display


  • Concept ideation
  • UX/UI design
  • Prototyping
  • 3D modeling


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Atom, Chrome Dev Tools