Pandora Music Monsters

Release the music

Who Are They?

Pandora Music Monsters are personified mashups of the different genres, artists, and tracks in a single station.

Music Monsters bring the experience to the next level. You can generate a music monster based on your music tastes, and have it as your own friendly, personal DJ.

Often times, people just want some curated music without the effort of building playlists. Pandora is the perfect choice in these occasions.

The Challenge

Create an interactive music listening experience and befriend the users. Then extend the experience outside of the screen and into people’s social life.

New Experience

Find your monster in the Pandora app! Enable the brand new feature to interact with your music in a different way.

Get Started

Monster Fab

Lead users to a brand new space on Pandora.

Music Monster

Learn more about the Music Monsters and how to get started.

Monster Generator

Find Yours

Choose the basic style of your monster. Swipe to change body parts, or just let us pick one for you.

Make It Unique

Based on your liked stations, your monster will have a different outfit. Choose adaptive if you want it to change clothing styles between different songs and genres. Don’t forget to give it a cool name!

Meet Your Monster

After finishing the first 2 steps, you can find him/her in your Pandora app. Tap to release the music!

Interact & Share

Voice Control

Your monster can hear you by enabling voice recognition, and she/he knows how to respond.


Share your monster with friends. Invite them to make one, too. If you like, you can have more than one monster for each music style that you love.

Party Mode

Friends can bring together a group of monsters to create a huge station mashup for parties.

Find Others

Your monster can play with her/his peers. Enter party mode to find who’s is playing music nearby.

Join or Host

Join a party to find out what others are listening to. Or create your own party and invite your friends.

Some Settings

To ensure a good party, we have to setup rules. Not too many though.

Party time!

Control on your phone.

Cast to TV

Share your stations. Everyone’s monster will play their songs one by one. If you liked a song on your phone, your monster will  react on the screen with some happy moves. If someone else’s monster is playing a song you hate, skip it quietly without being noticed.



Before the release of the new Pandora app, social ads run to create hype. An interactive version taps into the user’s phone gyroscope. Moving the phone shakes the box around, and a mashup of music plays from within.

Pandora’s Box Pop Ups

Life-sized Pandora boxes are placed around the country and initially mimic the movement and sound of the interactive ads. On the release date, the boxes open to reveal interactive screens that display monsters.

Post-release social ads

In-Transit Print

Music Festival Side Stage

Connect to the Pandora stage and let the monsters run the show.


The most popular music monsters can be purchased as speakers. With the same voice interface integration, it also provides a handsfree music experience – perfect for your desk top.


  • Product innovation
  • UX/UI design
  • Physical experience
  • 3D Printing


  • Paper and pen
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Cinema 4D