Uniqlo Lifewear

Interact with customers on a personal level


The Context

Currently, Uniqlo’s retail model is destination-based.

Retail is quickly moving away from traditional channels. Even though the in-store shopping experience is still preferred, the journey to find the items you want can be a time consuming chore.

The Challenge

Strike a chord with the consumer on a personal level. Interact with daily life experiences.

We want to make Uniqlo the first contextually responsive clothing brand. Ultimately, establish a more holistic system in which a brand can interact within daily life experiences.

User Journey

Life happens outside of the store. Whenever and wherever there’s a need, Uniqlo can be responsive to help people find the right items.

Uniqlo Life Wear App

The digital hub of Uniqlo Moment-Based Retail. It connects Uniqlo with a consumer in moments of need and desire.

Users can access Uniqlo’s new features. Find the right item at any moment they want. For Uniqlo, technology is not the end game. It is there to enable a connection.

Adaptive to the Moment


Uniqlo Lifewear is responsive to the current moment. When the app is launched, it collects environmental information and then prioritizes the most relevant products/services.


If it’s a rainy day, the app will suggest umbrellas and coats.


If you’re in a museum, let’s say the MoMA, Uniqlo Lifewear will show you some Andy Warhol graphic tees.


When you are in the detectable range of a Uniqlo facility, the app knows you’re probably trying to use it, and will assist you appropriately.

Uniqlo IQ Assistant


Uniqlo IQ is currently a chatbot in Messenger. We saw it’s potential of becoming a powerful AI shopping guide. Users can interact with IQ in 3 ways:

Text message

Just like texting a friend.

Voice message

Tell IQ the thing that you’re trying to find.


IQ understands pictures. If that’s clothes, it finds you similar products. If not, it’ll impress you with items that align with the theme of the image.

User Flows

After interviews and surveys, we’ve combined some common life moments into Margot and Aiden’s life story. Whenever people need it, Uniqlo Lifewear appears in time.


From wireframes to high-fidelity screens.

Like always, after the initial research, I design by using my favorite workflow: paper, Sketch and Framer.

Annotated document

Other Creative Works

Check out more parts of our Uniqlo Moment-Based Retail project.

They are mostly done by my amazing group members. If you like, you can find out who they are at the end of this page.


  • Concept ideation
  • UX strategy
  • UX/UI/IxD
  • Prototyping


  • Paper & pen
  • Sketch
  • Framer Studio
  • Adobe Photoshop